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We specialise in sourcing learning and development professionals, so let us partner with you to find the best L&D people for your projects and change programmes:

  • Training Managers
  • L&D Managers
  • L&D Advisors / Consultants
  • L&D Contractors and Staff
  • Instructional / Learning Designers
  • Trainers / Facilitators
  • eLearning Specialists
  • Organisational Development Specialists
  • IT Trainers and Project Teams

Our tools include:

  • Talent Dynamics personality type profiles so individuals can get to know their strengths, get into flow and become trusted advisors
  • the Phillips ROI Methodology™, a results-based evaluation framework to help you evaluate the success of your programmes and calculate their return on investment (ROI)
  • L&D templates

We provide the latest technology with:

  • Docebo LMS – the most beautiful, fully featured, engaging, user friendly and cost effective learning management system (LMS)
  • 3D & 360 Video – create videos that mirror real life experience to get the most out of your training design
  • Video & animation – liven up your learning experiences with engaging video and animation clips

We can help you develop capability by providing expertise and the best L&D people to help you with:

  • Tailored Learning Solutions
  • Needs Assessment
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Instructional Design
  • Competency Frameworks
  • eLearning Solutions
  • Blended Learning Solutions
  • Training Courses and Workshops
  • Why Our Customers Choose Bloom

How the Bloom team can help you

Bloom is unique.  A specialist L&D consultancy that offers complete L&D solutions.  From designing, developing, delivering and evaluating learning interventions to the sourcing of L&D managers, staff and contractors. Our mantra is about adding value to the L&D industry as a whole.  Specifically to our clients and contractors, whether they have a training, recruitment, team or individual development need.

All Directors, shareholders and members of the Bloom team are experienced L&D or sourcing professionals. Therefore, we know the people in the industry and we know the jobs we work on because most of us have done those jobs ourselves.

Building in-house capability in Return on Investment (ROI)

The Phillips ROI Methodology™ is a results-based approach for evaluating the effectiveness and measuring the bottom-line contribution of HR, L&D and other organisational initiatives.  Bloom aims to build in-house capability by training and coaching in ROI.

Bloom’s Beryl Oldham is a Certified ROI Professional and the New Zealand business partner for Drs Jack and Patti Phillips of the ROI Institute™.

Recently Beryl won the ROI Institute’s ‘Most Innovative Approach to ROI’ Award.  This award winning project involved working with global dairy company Fonterra’s Sales Excellence Team to conduct an ROI evaluation pilot study of its 20:20 SALES training programme.

Bloom delivers builds in-house capability with ROI workshops and coaching.

Client Testimonials

“When we commenced our work with Rustica Lamb and her team at Bloom we set out to achieve some ambitious goals in a very short period of time.  We needed to review a business critical L&D program and deliver a solution that was fresh and innovative, available to our people globally, cost efficient and scalable. 

Thanks to Rustica’s creativity, innovation and expertise our project team were proud and delighted to launch a global offering using the latest elearning that resulted in 58% reduction in delivery time and a 47% cost saving per learner. That was beyond our expectations in terms of the savings and the speed with which we achieved our project goals.

What we appreciated most about working with Rustica and her team was their ability to truly understand the goals we were seeking to achieve, the problems we were trying to solve and the challenges we faced.  They add value through their thought leadership and extensive knowledge of learning in the organisational context.  Look no further for subject matter mastery – Bloom KNOW learning and development!”

Emma Kirkman | Global Organisational Development Manager, Orion Health


“Rustica at Bloom has been instrumental in facilitating the Onboarding, Induction, Health and Safety and Training requirements in our business, so we now have an end to end solution and learning pathway for our employees and our franchise partners.

In choosing the contractors to work with us, she has effectively matched their skills to our requirements and that has been the success of our new education programme.  Her team is dynamic and responsive and that has resulted in a “new way of thinking” for our elearning platform.

The Savvy Start process has meant that we had clear goals, objectives and what we would expect in results, right from the initial planning stages. They have always delivered projects, on time and to budget, and have exceeded our expectations.

Personally I have gained a huge amount of confidence in the delivery of the programs which has included “ Coach the Coach” sessions which underpins our training strategy – set people up to be successful to deliver our brand promise. Our participants in the program have really embraced the “fresh new thinking”.”

Dianne Sherrock | Retail Training Manager, Green Cross Health


– By channelling my energy into what I’m good at and what I enjoy I’m creating value without wasting so much time agonising over tasks I was never comfortable with

– I think just recognising where your flow lies (and doesn’t) gives you a sense of freedom

– I have a better understanding of my team’s flow and so I am able to perform as a better leader

– I’m doing more things that are in flow for me meaning that I’m more engaged and producing better results

Some Level 3 team feedback after a Trusted Advisor workshop.


“I met Rustica three years ago when I became an elearning consultant, self-employed at Creative Leap.  Since then I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Bloom Training and Recruitment on a regular basis.

From day one it has been nothing but a great professional experience.  Bloom Training and Recruitment is truly an industry leader and trail blazer in the L&D field.

Through Bloom I have had opportunities to work with great clients on interesting projects. Because of their clear and efficient communication and personal, supportive approach to talent management, I have been able to focus my energy on the design and development of each project, enabling me to bring the best results to our many satisfied clients. 

For me as a woman in business, instructional designer and contracting consultant, Rustica and her associates in Bloom are a true inspiration on how to operate, connect and perform consistently within the New Zealand and international training community.

I would be happy to endorse Bloom Training and Recruitment to others who may be considering using their services.”

Agata Oleksiak | Director & Senior Instructional Designer, Creative Leap

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